Audio Files

In addition to our post-production audio and custom music for video and film, we’ve also made or contributed to loads of albums, overdubs, audio for toys, sound FX, and more. Take a listen (and ask us about our small army of top-notch talent we can bring into your project):

SHort Goodbyes

Recorded with some of the Bay Area's finest musicians, including Tower Of Power Horns, Eric McFadden, Jon Evans, and the amazing Reggie Watts.

Songs about Music

The 1st record by the inimitable Bay Area electronic explorers, Materialized. Made at LDS. Mixed by the great Oz Fritz (Bill Laswell, Tom Waits).

Magneto Delecti

 The 2nd record by Materialized. Initially released on 180gr vinyl (Buy Vinyl). Tracked/produced by Dave Pellicciaro. Mixed by Oz Fritz


Materialized crush their 3rd recording. Huge, edgy sound. Produced by Dave Pellicciaro. Released on Tallest Man Records. Mixed by Oz Fritz.



Audio for toys presents a surprising and unique set of technical challenges that we love taking on. For example, the Rooftop Collectibles’ “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 50th Anniversary Set” project below required re-recording classic orchestration, casting/producing voice talent to sing the songs and bring the characters to life, and finally mixing and compressing all audio to sound its best coming out of a small toy speaker. Back to the Music section.